Texas Tech Football: Defensive line breakdown

Nose attack Jaylon Hutchings (95) and Tyree Wilson, on the right, start again on the Texas Tech defensive line.

Editor’s note: first in a series that analyzes the position by position of the Red Raiders.

Projected initiators: DT Nelson Mbanasor, Sr .; NT Jaylon Hutchings, Jr. or Tony Bradford, Jr .; DE Tyree Wilson, Jr.

Main backups: DT Devin Drew, Sr .; DT Philip Blidi, So .; NT Troy Te’o, Sr .; DE LB Moore, P.

Return Statistics Leaders: Bradford, 25 attacks, 6 loss attacks; Hutchings, 23 teams 3 TFL; Drew, 21 attacks; Wilson, 10 apparatus, 1 1/2 TFL.

In a nutshell: DE Eli Howard, who made 36 starts and 16 1/2 sacks in his career, is gone. Otherwise, both depths become intact, but there has been discomfort. Coaches have analyzed Bradford, last year’s first defensive attack, on the tip of his nose. The thought: Bradford’s power could be deployed better against the centers, and Hutchings and Bradford could be a cool, formidable 1-2 with both playing in the nose. But are they too valuable to limit them to 35 snapshots per part in a position? Among the Big 12 teams, only Kansas finished with fewer sacks per game than Tech and Texas, who tied in the round of 16. Perhaps it is the year that Wilson, a powerful DE from 6 to 6 and 280 pounds, comes to his account as a runner.