Texas Tech Football shines on both sides during the fight

On Saturday afternoon, Texas Tech held a fight that was the second of the fall and was open to the public.

The Red Raiders had multiple bright spots on either side of the ball, as well as some rust to pull off, which is expected before the season begins.


Tyler Shough got representatives from the first team on Saturday, and Henry Colombi, representatives from the second team.

SaRodorick Thompson was not yet in full contact, so Tahj Brooks caught most of the first team representatives in the running race, along with Xavier White and Chad Townsend.

Erik Ezukanma and Trey Cleveland were the first team outside the receivers, with McLane Mannix, Travis Koontz, Loic Founji and Kaylon Geiger also getting first team representatives here and there.

The O-Line looked like it was missing TJ Storment, so it was made up of Ethan Carde, Weston Wright, Josh Burger, Dawson Deaton and Caleb Rogers.

Shough and Colombi moved the ball well throughout the day and both completed a good number of passes.

Colombi had his first TD on the day in a 30-yard pass to Ezukanma. Shough then completed a TD on Myles Price, who made a very athletic play to get away from the defense and escape in the final zone from about 45 yards out.


The offense looked good, but at times a little unstable, of course past the first O-Line chain, there is little or no depth judging the time Colombi had to throw compared to Shough.

The receivers made some athletic plays and impressive catches, Mason Tharp got up and got some balls with this height of 6-9. However, there were a couple of balls dropped here and there, as well as some receivers lying among themselves on the field. Wait for it to be fixed before the season starts.

Player of the day:

My player of the day on offense was Mason Tharp when he got up off the ground and made some solid catches in traffic.


Keith Patterson’s squad has been very impressive today, he flew everywhere.

Jaylon Hutchings looked fantastic on the D line, as did Devin Drew and Tony Bradford Jr.

Lineups participated in almost every play, as Colin Schooler had a good day, along with Riko Jeffers and Jacob Morgenstern. Krishon Merriweather and Brandon Bouyer-Randle had good days as expected from the top defensive group.

Defensive backs were my surprise of the day as they had a lot of coverage and disputed all the balls thrown. Rayshad Williams and Malik Dunlap were fantastic and people, Malik Dunlap is an absolutely massive corner and showed up today when he lined up in the press.

The safety duet of Adrian Frye and Marquis Waters was excellent and Eric Monroe and Reggie Pearson Jr. also had a good performance.


Although the defense definitely won the day and the D-Line and DB were much better than expected. The Linebackers remain the strongest group in these defensive units and will continue to be so throughout the year.

Player of the day:

My player of the day on defense was Reggie Pearson Jr., as he seemed to be involved in every play. It flew and looked much better than expected.


This team looked solid at times, but also at times a little unstable. I think there is room for improvement and growth.

It looks like Shough’s job is to lose to QB right now and he stayed that way after the fight.

The DBs were a nice surprise and the transfers shone, which is good news.

The Red Raiders travel to Houston to play the Cougars at NRG Stadium on Sept. 4 at 6 p.m.

It’s time to get excited, we approach a single digit to the beginning.