Texas top scorer Evan Stewart hits 58 yards of TD in the season opener

Make a list of Texas ’biggest needs in the 2022 class and Evan Stewart may be at the forefront. The five-star receiver is one of the best in the country and is recognized. The 247Sports compound recently moved Stewart to No. 3 overall.

It’s easy to forget that Stewart was once a Texas engagement. Steve Sarkisian had the speedster blocked just under a month before deciding to open his contract. Wanting to take advantage of the NCAA downtime seemed to be the main reason.

Texas, however, has remained in the race. Next to the Longhorns are some of the largest SEC programs in the country that pursue Stewart. Florida made an impression at first, with Alabama and LSU lurking in the background. Texas A&M also received an unofficial visit.

Defensive backs also chase Stewart. On Thursday, at the opening of the Frisco Liberty season, he literally passed two defenders for a 58-yard touchdown. The corner never had a chance from the moment the ball was broken, followed by a safety at the end of the match.

You can watch the touchdown, followed by a questionable dead ball penalty, here.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Stewart finished the day with four receptions for 101 yards. Liberty beat Frisco Reedy 50-49, getting a touchdown and converting a two-point conversion with less than 10 seconds left.

For Texas to stay in the race for Stewart, a few things need to be shown at the start of Sarkisian’s debut season.

Winning games is the first. This could be said for almost all the top rated recruits in the state. Before committing to Texas, they want the product in the field to be better. From the season opener against Louisiana to the Oklahoma State game on Oct. 16, it’s important to find a way to be at least 5-1. Success on the recruitment path, especially in the case of Stewart, will continue if so.

The second is how Sarkisian’s use of receivers in Austin translates. The hype of the last two seasons in the Alabama first-round draft pick will die pretty quickly if players like Joshua Moore, Jordan Whittington and Xavier Worthy don’t give explosive numbers. Stewart won’t be drawn to the receiver’s bad performances.

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