The battle for Texas vaccine mandates is taking shape when the third special session begins

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AUSTIN (KXAN) – The third special session of the 87th Texas legislature began Monday, and the battle for vaccination mandates against COVID-19 in the state also began.

KXAN counted ten bills already tabled on Monday afternoon, six in the House of Representatives, four in the Senate. Nine were presented by Republicans and one was introduced by a Democrat.

The Republican Party’s proposals include banning vaccination testing in public or private schools, imposing sanctions on companies and hospitals that end or deny employment to the unvaccinated, and preventing insurance companies from denying or limiting vaccination. benefits to those who have not received their COVID vaccines.

Republican Sen. Edgewood, Bob Hall, introduced three of the laws before the third session, including one that would amend the state labor code to extend workers’ compensation benefits for “injuries caused by the COVID-19 vaccine required by the ‘entrepreneur’.

Gov. Greg Abbott, who issued an executive order in late August banning vaccine warrants from government agencies and entities, urged lawmakers to address the issue during the 30-day session as one of his five legislative priorities.

On the Democratic side, Dallas Area Sen. Nathan Johnson introduced legislation that would allow bars and other establishments serving alcohol to apply for exemptions from the governor’s vaccine passport ban.

KXAN also spoke with Austin Sen. Sarah Eckhardt, who said she plans to once again introduce a bill to add a COVID-19 vaccine to the list of traits needed for K-12 grade students. .

“It’s very important for the government to step in, include and determine public health that there’s a way to prevent it, and it’s called a vaccine,” Eckhardt said.

“Jeans are hard to swallow, almost regardless of the political party,” Republican political consultant Ray Sullivan said before adding, “The opposite: Prohibit local school districts or local businesses from taking steps to protect their employees. and the people they serve, “that’s hard, too.”

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