The blue language stains Texas A&M’s “red, white and blue” effort

COLLEGE STATION – Guillermo “Memo” Salinas, the leader of Texas A&M, took an old approach to addressing what is considered a relatively new topic at Kyle Field. He composed a strongly written letter to his fellow Aggies about his collective singing of a well-known word cuss in these parts, thanks to the strong agricultural inclination of the state.

Apparently, what has been an acceptable audience insertion into the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” in Texas ballrooms for decades: “Bull # @% *!” – it is not acceptable to express their displeasure at the calls of officials. At least in the eyes of A&M.

“Sporting events are the main porch to represent the spirit and tradition of Texas A&M, and our core values ​​must be shown to the millions of people who watch around the world,” wrote Salinas, a senior at Laredo. “Like Aggies, we do not boo, we do not sing obscenities against officials, others or each other.

“Whenever we disagree with something, especially at a sporting event, we have always expressed our disapproval in a unique way, by whistling.”

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