The defense shines, the offense fights in the first fight of the year in Texas, the team hopes to receive fans on practice Wednesday night

AUSTIN (KXAN): Just over a week after the start of training camp, the Longhorns had their first fight of the year at the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

Wednesday was the first day Texas practiced on full pads, but due to NCAA time restrictions, they waited until Saturday’s fight to practice on full pads again.

Although it was only the second time in full pads, the defense played well, pleasing head coach Steve Sarkisian.

“I thought defensively we had a really good day,” Sarkisian said. “I thought we were playing sound, we were playing disciplined, they weren’t giving any free bees, which is obviously one of the key components of the defense that is not giving up on these explosive plays because of breakdowns in front or side.”

The offensive unit, however, left a little more to be desired.

“I thought there were some plays we had to have, whether we were missing a read on the quarterback, whether we weren’t making a play in the wideout, or maybe we were missing a read on the run,” Sarkisian noted. “You know, that set the tone a little bit for the boys offensively, that the key to the drill offensively is about the same discipline of running, when you have that opportunity, you have to have that ability to play.”

Of course, when you think of offense, you think of quarterbacks, and your performance was the highlight after the first fight.

Sarkisian believes both Casey Thompson and Hudson Card still have a lot of work to do at this stage of the training camp.

“Neither of them played to the norm that I consider acceptable and I think they consider it acceptable,” Sarkisian said. “Both guys had a really good first week and all of a sudden they go into a mix format and didn’t apply the things we had done, and that’s the key to the drill.”

Putting players in adverse situations is something the new coach wants to do, but he seeks more consistency when it comes to competitive situations, such as a fight.

“The two guys who will be entering next week should take the practice representatives and ultimately apply them to the fight next Saturday,” Sarkisian added.

All in all, the players had a hectic first week. The training schedule was everywhere, from night workouts to early afternoon sessions, and the practices that were done inside and outside, making the players handle all kinds of conditions was the goal of the technical body during the first week of camp.

“What we were trying to do is push the guys outright and understand that you have to overcome adversity because that’s what the game is about.”

Texas will begin the second week of training camp and fans will be able to attend practice this coming Wednesday night at the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial. Practice will begin at 6:45 p.m.