The number of Texas nursing homes with COVID cases increased nearly 800% last month

The number of nursing homes in Texas with active cases of COVID-19 has increased dramatically over the past month, as the southwestern state continues to have the second largest number of new infections daily in the country.

The Texas Tribune reported Friday that the number of homes for seniors in Texas with at least one active COVID-19 infection has increased nearly 800 percent. Meanwhile, the southwestern state ranks 46th nationally for its rate of hesitant residents in residences. In terms of vaccinated nursing home staff, Texas ranks 33rd compared to the rest of the states.

By mid-July, Texas had only 56 nursing homes with at least one active COVID-19 infection, the Tribune reported. On August 11, that figure rose to 489, an increase of 773 percent. However, the figure is still much lower than in January, when more than 900 nursing homes had COVID-19 infections.

Deaths at home have also jumped substantially. Although only seven nursing home residents died of COVID-19 in the four weeks prior to July 21, more than 80 died from the new coronavirus in the weeks following August 11. it is slightly below the national average of 82%. When it comes to residential staff, only 56% have been completely vaccinated.

“We believe the spread is caused by unvaccinated staff members,” Annaliese Impink, executive vice president and spokeswoman for the Retama Manor Nursing Center, told The Texas Tribune. He noted that “residents of their facilities are in our center and don’t come out often, and vaccination rates in our centers are pretty good.”

“So you just have to assume it comes mostly from unvaccinated staff members,” Impink said.

State health officials eased restrictions on visitors to nursing homes in Texas in March. The new rules allowed residents of fully vaccinated nursing homes to receive family members, as long as the specific facility allowed, after a year of isolation. As in many other states, nursing homes were severely affected by the pandemic in Texas.

The Texas Commission on Human Services and Health reported that more than 9,000 residential residents have been killed in the state since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is approximately 17 percent of the total of more than 54,000 deaths from COVID-19 in Texas.

As of Friday, Texas had an average of about 14,000 new COVID-19 infections daily The New York Times‘tracker. The state is just behind Florida when it comes to new daily infections. Over the past 14 days, cases in Texas have increased by almost 60%, while hospitalizations have increased by 86%. Currently, more than 10,100 jeans are hospitalized with the new virus and the average number of daily deaths is below 90.