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The president of Braniff Airways is named a member of the University of Texas at Seat Aviation Council

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DALLAS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Braniff Airways, Inc., based in Dallas, dba Braniff International, announces that the chairman of the company’s board has been appointed a member of the University of Texas Aviation History Council in Dallas. President Richard Ben Cass has nearly 50 years of service in the aviation and airline business, as well as decades of retention of the official records and historical archives of Braniff Airways, Inc., in the coveted position of the Board.

The Dean of Libraries, Mrs. Ellen Safley, informed Mr. Cass of his appointment to the Council, which was created to advise the Division of Collections and Special Archives of the University of the Eugene McDermott Library. Ms. Safley noted that the Board meets annually at the UTDallas campus located in Richardson, Texas. Since February 1982, Braniff Airways’ public relations archives have been housed here.

Mr. Cass has worked closely with UTD on the preservation of Braniff’s public relations archives, which are still owned by Braniff Airways, since June 1982. For the past 11 years he has completed a comprehensive research project on the entire Archive and is currently overseeing digitization of the entire collection.


Braniff Airways, Inc., the former international airline, is now a world leader in historic airline branding and marketing, online retail and historical airliners, which was originally formed in 1928. Braniff manages a portfolio of licensing agreements worldwide. The company operates its lucrative online retail store Braniff Boutique which sells to over 120 countries around the world along with three brick and mortar stores. Braniff also manages its original employee / retiree travel benefit program, which offers discounts on current and past travel.

Braniff Airways supports the Braniff Airways Foundation, which is the official repository of records, photographs, negatives and memorabilia of Braniff companies and employees. More than 20 million pages of Braniff corporate documents and 40,000 historical articles are in the Foundation’s Braniff International Heritage Archives, located in three locations in Dallas, Texas.

Braniff Airways created an endowment at the University of Texas at Dallas to support Braniff’s public relations archives that are in the University’s aviation history collection since February 1982. It was created an additional endowment to support the administration of the Braniff International Heritage Archives.

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