The remains found near Prospect confirmed that Texas man Kirk Jones was missing

PROSPECT, Hours. – The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday that the search for months for a missing Texas man, Kirk Jones, is now complete. It is confirmed that the remains found in the Sky Lakes desert over the weekend are his body.

The search for Jones, 35, has been a mystery from the start, when the Texas man’s motorcycle was inexplicably discovered near Prospect in June. His family in San Antonio had seen him a few days before his disappearance and said he had not shared any plans to travel to Oregon or know anyone in the area.

Search and rescue teams (SARs) toured the areas around Prospect and where Jones’ motorcycle was discovered, without signs.

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After all, according to the sheriff’s office, Jones ’body was discovered by bow hunters inside the Sky Lakes desert area on Saturday. Due to the remote location and difficult terrain, the SAR team made a “short” trip in an assistant forensic detective to the area by helicopter to find Jones ’body.

Along with the body was Jones ’helmet, jacket and motorcycle backpack. The location was on a ridge line about 1.5 miles east / northeast of where Jones’ bike was found on June 13th.

A positive scientific identification confirmed that Jones’ body was on Thursday. According to the Oregon State Police forensic pathologist, his cause and manner of death are undetermined. However, no dirty play is suspected.

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