The Texas man wins a $ 5.5 million lawsuit that the restaurant supplied him with alcohol

A Texas man has won a lawsuit against a restaurant on the grounds that he was serving alcoholic beverages.

Daniel Rawls, of Andrews, Texas, obtained $ 5.5 million in the July 27 District of Andrews District 109 judgment on the civil lawsuit, alleging a drunken fight at La Fogata Mexican Grill and Bar caused him to maintain a “serious and debilitating” head. injury in May 2019, the Houston Chronicle reported.

After drinking heavily at Andrews’ restaurant, Rawls was involved in a violent altercation with another customer, Robert Henrickson, after an argument in the parking lot. Henrickson had allegedly drunk a lot too.

Rawls filed the lawsuit against the business on May 17.

The court ruling in favor of Rawls was a default judgment, meaning the owner of La Fogata did not respond to the lawsuit or appear in court. The restaurant itself, owner Lourdes Galindo, and an unnamed waiter were appointed on demand. Claims in the lawsuit included local liability, negligence, and damages arising from foreseeable criminal conduct.

Newsweek has contacted La Fogata to comment on this ruling. The restaurant has 30 days from the date of the resolution to appeal.

The lawsuit specifically alleged that the waiter, named only John or Jane Doe, was not properly trained by Galindo to notice when a customer had had enough alcohol and could cause problems if he continued to drink. He also accused the restaurant of negligence for not calling an ambulance for Rawls after the altercation of the car park with Henrickson and for not keeping the lot clear of things “that would pose a danger of tripping or falling for customers intoxicated ”.

Like the Chronicle Rawls reportedly has an alleged history of intoxicated incidents before and after La Fogata. According to arrest records obtained by the newspaper, he has been arrested twice for public poisoning in February 2019 and May 2021.

Another recent Texas lawsuit also involved alleged restaurant misconduct. Ma’Kiya Congious has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, the well-known regional fast food chain Whataburger in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, for allegedly reprimanding her and forcing her to leave the job to bring a ” Black Lives Matter “. branded face mask in August 2020.

Congious argued that he had been allowed to wear this mask in the past and that other employees had been able to wear non-generic masks. Despite this precedent, he stated that a manager told him that he should change the mask and that the company did not want masks to be worn to express opinions.