The UAB seeks redemption by entering conferences in North Texas

It has returned to reality for the UAB football team after one of the worst losses in the history of the program.

Fortunately, a reconsideration has been granted with the return to the not-so-friendly limits of league antagonism.

The Blazers continue their four-game journey to open the season as they enter the conference game against the North Texas division enemy on Saturday, Sept. 18, at Apogee Stadium in Denton, Texas.

The launch is set for 18:30 CT at the stadium.

UAB has won 4-1 against North Texas, with a 26-21 victory in 2019 to win its second consecutive division, but reaches the fourth most messy loss in the history of the program, a 56-7 by hand of Num. 2 Georgia.

“We’ll put it in the rearview mirror and we won’t forget it,” said UAB coach Bill Clark. “When we play conference games, they are super bowls for the opponent and they are super bowls for us. I think coach (Seth) Littrell does a great job. I think they had about 100 snapshots on offense and they have a very high pace. They have a new quarterback who has a great arm and does a really good job with his career physical game. ”

Entering last week, the UAB (1-1) had not allowed a player to pass 200 yards in 11 straight games, but Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett achieved the feat only in the first half.

While the Blazers face a team known for their passing acumen this week, North Texas has pledged to play running earlier this season and is currently the 23rd fastest rushing attack (235.5 ypg ) of the country.

“We’re just going to put it into practice like we would any other week, we need to get better,” said Starling cornerback Thomas V. “We can’t give up on that kind of playgrounds. Therefore, we take responsibility and hold each other accountable. That’s all we can do about it. “

Despite achieving a certain level of balance with their offense, the Mean Green (1-1) continue to run their system with a fast paced game that puts the defenses on their heels. The result is a unit that ranks 20th in the country in total offense (516.5 ypg), led by North Carolina transfer quarterback Jace Ruder and current C-USA leader DeAndre Torrey.

However, Clark and his coaching staff use their own system in practice to cope with the lack of light speed in North Texas. An entity they have not faced in two seasons, due to the cancellation of last year’s game due to the COVID-19 protocols.

“I think one of the things we do – and we’ve been doing for years – is that we get two clusters together as fast as we can,” Clark said. “I think this is the only way to simulate them. They move quickly and will propagate you horizontally. If you look at their fractions with the receivers, they are at the bottom of the numbers. That really opens up running lanes and you have a quarterback who can make those throws. “

Along with his balanced offense, North Texas also has a new life in defense with new coordinator Phil Bennett. The Mean Greens allow 477 ypg across two games, but Clark says the unit has dramatically improved its talent and depth from past seasons.

“His biggest improvement is already his defense,” he said. “They’ve had some good times on defense and they probably haven’t been as good as they might have been in recent years. I see them coming back ”.

The Blazers have dominated their division opponents since returning to the field in 2017, racking up an 18-3 record during that time with losses against North Texas in 2017, Southern Miss in 2019 and Louisiana Tech last season. Last season, UAB will play its sixth consecutive game away from home when they face Mean Green at the opening of the conference.

“We have to win this game,” Thomas said. “They are in our division. We want to make sure that we keep saying that we are the best team in the conference and that we are trying to get back to the championship. “

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