Total Port Arthur, Texas, FCC will remain closed until late September for repairs -sources

HOUSTON, Sept. 13 (Reuters) – Gasoline-producing fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) is expected to remain closed until the end of September in Port Arthur, Texas, at 225,500 barrels per day (bpd) of TotalEnergies SE (TTEF). PA), refinery, said sources familiar with the plant’s operations.

Most of the refinery’s units remain closed after an unplanned outage of the entire plant on Thursday, a day before the large crude oil distillation unit (CDU) and coker were scheduled to close for to a planned review, sources said. The review began over the weekend.

The only unit that ran on Monday was a 35,000 bpd reformer, which converts refining by-products into components that increase the octane added to unfinished gasoline.

Total did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

The entire plant crash on Thursday began with the FCC shutdown of 76,000 bpd due to a deterioration in the leak in a boiler.

The closure of the FCC cut off the steam supply to the refinery, forcing it to stop firing at 60,000 bpd along with the 40,000 bpd ACU-2 crude distillation unit (CDU) and the distillation unit. Vacuum 1 of 51,000 bpd (VDU-1).

A leak caused a small fire that was quickly extinguished on the 150,000 bpd CDU ACU-1. So, and the 60,000 bpd VDU-2 closed.

ACU-1, VDU-2 and the coker were due to close on Friday due to the planned overhaul lasting about two months. The exhaustive review is done every five years.

The FCC was previously closed for five days beginning Aug. 19 for repairs after a small fire.

The CDUs make the initial breakdown of crude oil into raw materials for the remaining units. VDUs break down residual crude oil from CDUs into raw materials for other production units. Coking plants refine the residual crude oil from distillation units into raw materials for motor fuels or petroleum coke.

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