Tropical disturbance could affect Texas, Mexico this weekend: NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A tropical wave located southeast of the Caribbean Sea will continue westward toward Central America, and may affect Texas and Mexico as early as next week.

Experts said a low-pressure zone is expected to form within the weekend wave near Nicaragua and Honduras.

Environmental conditions are expected to be favorable for tropical development and a tropical depression or storm in the northwestern Caribbean could form by the end of this week, experts said.

Individuals in Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula should prepare for floods, downpours and gusts by the end of this week, while those in Texas and the east coast of mainland Mexico should control this system, as it could affect the region next week.

Meanwhile, in the northeastern United States, tropical rain Henri has shifted off the coast of New England and is now a post-tropical system.

While there may be some showers in parts of eastern New England on Tuesday, the threat of heavy rainfall locally is over, experts said.

At the eastern end of the Atlantic, a tropical wave passes south of the Cape Verde Islands and produces a wide area of ​​showers and storms.

Experts said that while showers and storms are currently scattered, this wave could develop as it moves over the open waters of the Atlantic by the end of the week.

Further northwest, a large low-pressure trough is producing disorganized showers and storms between the Cape Verde Islands and the northern Leeward Islands.

Experts said they do not expect this system to develop in the coming days as it moves through colder waters and is facing strong wind shear.

Environmental conditions are expected to improve by the end of this week and through the weekend as the system shifts to the northwest, experts said.