Unborn twins die of COVID-19 in Texas

WACO, Texas (KWKT) – A Texas mother became infected with COVID-19 while pregnant. She recovered, but her babies did not.

The information about the vaccination is confidential, so we don’t know if the mother was vaccinated.

Any kind of illness can cause stress and extra stress for the mother.

“Fever, difficulty breathing, all the problems that COVID entails, and these symptoms put stress on her, and it also puts stress on babies,” said Kelly Craine, PIO of Waco-McLennan County.

Clinicians have seen an increase in the number of pregnant people infected with COVID-19 in recent weeks.

In a statement, Dr. Farley Verner, a health authority, said: “Pregnant women with COVID-19 have a higher risk of premature birth and miscarriage.”

She also said it is strongly recommended that pregnant women, women of childbearing potential and those who are breastfeeding be vaccinated to protect themselves and their babies from COVID-19.

Craine encourages pregnant women to start talking to their obstetricians.

“Your doctor who knows your health as much as you do, your doctor who has lived the whole journey of pregnancy,” Craine said.

Maternal fetal medicine specialist Paula Smith said she would never recommend something that is unsafe.

“We have two patients to care for,” Dr. Smith said. “We have the baby and the mother. We would never recommend something that we did not think would be beneficial to them. “

The district says the increased risk of serious COVID-19-related illnesses and pregnancy complications among pregnant women makes vaccination more urgent than ever.

“We’ve stopped diseases before, we’ve stopped smallpox, we’ve basically stopped polio,” Craine said. “We can stop COVID-19. We actually have the ability to do that, and that requires that we all get the vaccine individually. ”