We observe how freshmen and seniors prepare for classes at Texas A&M

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas – A day of new beginnings at Texas A&M is on the horizon as students prepare for Monday’s first school day.

These new beginnings look very different for freshmen just starting their college experience than for seniors approaching the end of theirs.

First-year roommates Grace Irish and Riley Reynolds had a productive day plotting their classes before the first day of school.

“If someone asked me for directions, I probably couldn’t give them, but I already know pretty much my way,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds completed summer school on campus and the Irish arrived a couple of weeks ago.

“I’m like alone,” Irish said. “It was weird, but it was really good. It was like I felt ready.”

But the first day of class brings a mix of emotions.

“I’m not that nervous, but I’m very excited to get started,” Reynolds said.

“Honestly, I really enjoyed school,” Irish said. “I loved going to school, so I think I come back in and I always have something to do. I’m very excited about that.”

They are not the only ones prepared on campus. A&M senior Maddie Andras is equally excited.

“I’m glad everyone is back on campus and it seems to be a little busier and more exciting, and it’s a good way to start the senior year,” Andras said.

Andras said he is still preparing at the last minute and is in the back-to-school area. Knowing what can be intimidating on the first day, he has a little advice for freshmen like Reynolds and Irish.

“Don’t be afraid to meet people,” Andras said. “The campus is much smaller than it looks. I see people I know all the time on campus.”

More tips, if someone needs help starting the conversation, just say “Hello!”