What coach Steve Sarkisian said after the win over Rice

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AUSTIN (KXAN) – The Texas Longhorns will enter the Big 12 with some confidence after a 58-0 win over Rice Saturday at the Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

Regardless of the quality of the opponent, the Longhorns took care of business and were dominant in the facet of the game. Something that head coach Steve Sarkisian highlighted in his post-game press conference.

The Longhorns ran 427 yards, racking up 44 points before the break. The Longhorns closed out an opponent for the first time since 2017.

Bijan Robinson scored three touchdowns, but apparently all the runners on the Longhorns list hit. Roschon Johnson and Keilan Robinson scored touchdowns on explosive plays. The first year, Jonathon Brooks got his first touchdown of his Longhorns career.

That’s what Sarkisian said after Saturday night’s victory.

Opening statement

“First of all, when you have to make a big bite of the humble cake like we did last week. We challenged the guys that we should have him and get back to work. I thought the intent and mindset of our team throughout the week translated into the game. The four back runs when the ball is okay. I thought we blocked well. We challenged the guys to work hard and finish our blogs. I love that the special teams had an impact on the game, getting the points block going soon. Defensively, first closure in five years here. All very positive for us who came out last week. The reality is … the regular season starts next week with Tech in town. Last week we had a bad taste in our mouths … this week is no different. We can’t relax. I think it was a lesson learned when we came out of the Louisiana game. “

Sarkisian in the performance of the whole team

“I really wanted to try to play all three phases. When you saw it, I thought there was a good offensive execution. We’ve had a couple of breakdowns in protection that we need to clean up. I thought Xavier Worthy was showing up. I thought we could get out of the field by third down. We had a couple of punctual returns that we are about to leave and then Cameron Dicker was fantastic … they had no returns. A lot of guys have to play and they’re good basic blocks to move forward. ”

What did you learn from your team at the non-conference?

“When our guys are challenged, they really face the challenge and that’s a quality I mentioned before. I don’t like to take defeat because we’ve got two really good wins. We have a team with a lot of sand and a lot of perseverance. It would be easy to get out of the game wondering if … this was the right scheme, are these the right coaches? We were all together and said we need to be better. They responded and I think it’s a great shot. That’s probably the most important thing I know about our team right now. We have work to do. We were not perfect. I think that to move forward we take the things we have and be able to apply them to the game ”.

Has Sarkisian been watching other Big 12 games?

“I know a couple of teams have won some tight ones today. Everyone plays a physical football brand. I don’t think this is the Big 12 of the past. When we start to delve deeper into opponents every week, we’ll have a better idea.”

How do you get this team to manage success the right way?

“It simply came to our notice then. I didn’t sting my words with them. That was another challenge for us. The challenge for us last week was to get off the carpet. This week, it’s different. Okay, now we’ve played to a standard, like we do to the standard. It will need the leadership of the team to close again to play to the standard in which we are able to play.

Thoughts about passing game

“We were efficient. I think we were relatively efficient. It was a bit like how the game went because the running game was so explosive. Again, we only missed a couple of opportunities on the field that we didn’t get. We had a good third conversion to Kelvontay Dixon … I think all of these things proved we were going in the right direction. Ideally, I don’t know if we will run 430 yards every night, so we will need the passing game to be there ”.

On the performance of Xavier Worthy

“He is not the oldest boy, but he has a bit of physicality. He dropped his shoulder and finished the race. That’s a trait we’re trying to preach here – getting in touch with courage – and he’s proven it tonight. ”

In the performance of the offensive line against Rice

“I thought the offensive line was responding. He was there this week. We just wouldn’t let the little things slip. It was about doing your job exactly the way it was supposed to be done. I believe in both aspects … we tried to get the ball a little more into space. I think we were successful there, but in the end the inner races were there too ”.

Keilan Robinson’s day

“He has been fantastic in special teams all year. It has been a great addition to us. He just has the right mindset. It was like a rocket during the touchdown test. He’s not the biggest guy, but he plays really hard. To see some of the younger boys playing this way, I think I should give you an idea of ​​how we want to play. ”

By decision to incorporate Hudson Card into the game in the third quarter

“We wanted to make sure that Hudson took part in the game where he could play real football and that he did a good job. How the clock worked … I wish I had got Charlie Wright in the game and Ben Ballard. I couldn’t get these guys in, so I hope there’s another chance they can get these guys in. “

Will Casey Thompson be the starter against Texas Tech?

“There is something in him when he enters the game. The ball moves to the field. I give him a lot of credit … just his intention to prepare. We will review all of this in the morning. I imagine Casey will lead the charge against Tech, but Card will have his chance.

Evaluate the players who have their chance in the second half

“I would be reckless if I didn’t mention Jonathon Brooks … he was a guy who wasn’t available to us in the first game against Louisiana. Seeing him run was good to see him. Really, that second offensive line did a good job. “This whole group that I thought came in and blocked it well. They did their job, but really a lot of guys played on both sides. It was great to see it. In this game a lot of defenders played. I leave the guys out.” , but the bottom line is that a lot of guys play … the opportunity these guys have … will justify more time in the games. “

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