What Steve Sarkisian said before the Arkansas game

AUSTIN (KXAN) – It will be a sale in Fayetteville, Arkansas, when Texas faces the Razorbacks on Saturday night, the University of Arkansas announced Sunday.

The renewal of the Southwest Conference rivalry and soon the Southeast Conference rivalry will have some juice behind it after both teams dealt with their opponents in the first week. The launch is scheduled for 6 p.m.

Steve Sarkisian’s debut as Longhorns head coach was similar to the business one, with Texas controlling the game against No. 23 in Louisiana for a 38-18 victory at the Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

Arkansas experienced a tougher attack on Rice. The teams tied at 17 until the fourth quarter before Arkansas rejected three unanswered touchdowns to win 38-17.

Texas escaped Fayetteville with a win on their last trip to Arkansas in 2004. The last match between Longhorns and Razorbacks was the Texas Bowl defeat in 2014, when Arkansas crushed Charlie Strong’s team by 31-7. .

Sarkisian got his first test in Texas. Now he will have to win on the road in front of a hostile crowd. That’s what the Longhorns coach said about the game on Monday.

Opening statement

“To summarize the game, now that we had the opportunity to see the tape. The beauty of early games is that there is always something to work on. Everything is solvable. We had some critical penalties in this game. Definitely things that need to be cleaned up on this front. I thought we did a lot of disciplined things a lot of fun in the game. Delighted with the first week and some of the operations and how to play, but some have to play better.

About the rivalry with Arkansas

It’s a pretty fun game. Old enemies of the Southwest Conference to know. We have great respect for Arkansas. This football team plays hard, plays physically, is hard. Seeing them on their opener … is a football brand they are proud of. We have cut work for us. We need a good week of work.

How will QB Hudson Card handle the first road game?

“Part of Hudson’s personality. I think that’s who he is. I think he has a uniform demeanor. Then we go on the road and deal with that adversary and hostile environment. We will do everything possible to put him in the best position to succeed.

Staying on the spot during a rivalry match

“I am just aware of the rivalry. I love the pomp, representation and history of college football. For us, we believe in our routine regardless of the opponent. We should enter the game with a very similar mindset. Very focused on the task at hand. I appreciate the rivalry and all that it entails … frankly, all opponents are a faceless opponent. “

Centered on the Louisiana game team

“First game, new staff, fans back at the stadium. We recognized it a lot … we prepared them for adversity. No one panicked. I thought the coaching staff showed a lot of balance and we settled for our style of football. I try not to insist on the negatives or things that happened in the past. I thought our players were in a good mood. I wish we ended up a little better. We didn’t close out the game on offense when we had the ball. We allowed them to retreat. I thought our approach and our intention were really good. “

Sarkisian Assessment of Line Defenders Vs. Louisiana

“If our defensive line plays well, that should allow our defenders to make attacks. I thought our defensive line was good. I thought we could be more disruptive. I think DeMarvion had 10 attacks and Luke had eight. One of the keys to the game was to tackle well and get a man on the ground … those guys were able to do that until we settled in. I liked the impact they had on the game, but we will need other guys as well. to do it “.

In the performance of the offensive line

“I thought we were pretty good. Two of the sacks … one was from the narrow end … they delayed the light end … another we just hit the narrow end. All in all, I thought we were playing pretty well up front. We could definitely play better. I definitely don’t want to wait for the guys because I know we can play better. We have to be in our game.

His memories of 9/11

“I was working at USC at the time. He was waiting to be picked up by Norm Chow. The unfortunate side to me. My cousin was in one of the towers and ended up not distinguishing him. Without a doubt, it is a great moment in our history and we must recognize it ”.

About your team’s ability to expand units in third place

“Historically, for me, when you think of running the ball and pushing the ball into the field and shooting. Being 10 out of 15 in this game was a big number for us. Hudson has the ability to be slippery in his pocket and Jordan Whittington made three or four conversions. “

Casey Thompson’s performance and breakdown of QB’s responsibility

“He played well. I think there were two minutes left for the third quarter. It operated very well. The key for him is … the live representatives of our system. This is a luxury. You need to make sure your backup is ready to play at these key times. “

What did LB Luke Brockermeyer do well?

“An impressive story, first of all. The inheritance of his father here and of him walking. Everything he has done here with us. He has won. He has earned a lot of respect for his teammates. They will tell you the same thing. He’s a nosy kid, he’s smart. He recognized and diagnosed things, so he communicated well with other boys in the field. I couldn’t be happier if the boy had the opportunity and the way he plays for us. “

According to the understanding of Sarkisian’s offense by the team

“When we work as a team and try to prepare a game plan, there is a reason why we will install our offense in the same way we do. We teach concepts because in the game if we see something … the guys are well enough equipped to go run it. There are a good number of times in a game that we have to adjust. In the game of football, I think there are a lot of adjustments. I’m really trying to evaluate the game … I have an idea of ​​the game. The warm hand of our team … the weak link on the other side. These things show up during ball games. “

Road environment management in Arkansas

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m going to tell these guys before I go out … to make sure they enjoy the experience. You have to appreciate the arena where you are. This is a great opportunity for our boys. You have to enjoy this role, but we have to quickly check again what we have to do to play, because it is much easier to play when we play, but we will definitely make sure we enjoy the experience of it all ”.

Texas ability to convert to the red zone

“This is another huge component for us in the red zone. We don’t love to settle for field goals in the red zone. On the contrary, on defense, stopping in the red zone is a big deal. It’s tactical. The approach is definitely tactical. “

Evaluation of Texas protection against Arkansas

“We were fine. I thought we could definitely be better. I thought there was a little hesitation at the beginning of the game. I thought it was going to get better as the game progressed. We missed three deep ball shots in the game. These are the ones who will do these shots … and open the race. This is not new to me nor is it strange to me. I think our defense only played 24 or 26 snapshots in the first half … it’s like a heavyweight fight, working the body. “

On Sarkisian’s fourth-quarter strategy

“You can never lose respect for your opponent. The ultimate goal is to win. I do not lose sight of the ultimate goal. Nor do I lose sight of having respect and realizing how dangerous our opponent can be. Saturday would have been a good example if you were just starting to count possessions … you will inevitably be able to finish the game in the middle of the fourth quarter because you know they can’t come back for that to happen. There is a fine line … I want them to be aggressive. I want them to know that they have their foot on the gas and I will be the one to pump the brakes. ”

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