Within Texas Politics: Texas voting law passes; Afghanistan

Within Texas Politics there is talk of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. In addition, the Texas legislature is finally passing an election bill.


The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate. We are now approximately 48 hours from the deadline set by President Biden on August 31 for all American troops to leave that country.

But Texas Congressman Jake Ellzey, elected this summer to represent the sixth district of the State Congress, which includes parts of Arlington and Ellis counties, and Navarro in North Texas, told Inside Texas Politics that setting that deadline was part of the problem.

The retired U.S. Navy commander served in Iraq and Afghanistan also said there could also be a better strategy in evacuations, including confidence in the Taliban to provide a safe passage for evacuees.

“The Taliban are not a trust group, they are not the government in charge, we should never recognize them or ever trust them,” Ellzey said.

“There are several things tactically that I or anyone else in charge would have done differently,” he added.

Ellzey said using an airport like Hamid Karzai International Airport in northern Kabul, which is surrounded by neighborhoods, “from the point of view of force protection and evacuation, is not the choice he would have made. serve, ”he said, adding that instead the United States should have kept Bagram Air Base 30 miles north, which Ellzey said has two runways and can be defended much more easily.

Our “think tank” from Texas?

A story of a watchdog Texas Tribune he has investigated finding that Austin, of the University of Texas (UT), has been working quietly with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick – and other Conservatives – to create a “limited government” thinking group. It would teach individual freedom, private enterprise, and free markets, among other things.

Stanford University has something similar in California, but Stanford is a private school. UT is public.

Ross Ramsey, co-founder and executive editor of the Texas Tribune, explained why the people involved are so secretive about it and whether, since the state legislature, they have already given $ 6 million to start this, it will come true.

He wins frontier for former President Trump

The U.S. Supreme Court ordered President Biden to reinstate former President Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” migrant program. The problem is whether Biden followed the right legal process in developing the Trump program.

Texas voting law passes

The Texas legislature finally passed changes to state voting laws: there are no more options for 24-hour polling stations. There are no separate votes. But there is more access for observers in favor of the polls, among other things.

So what could Democrats do next?

State Representative Gene Wu (D-Houston) said Democrats held out as long as they could to prevent the bill from passing, but made a bold prediction that the bill will actually hurt and will not help Republicans.

“Actually, this bill will bite Republicans in the ass. I guarantee it,” Wu predicted. “Republicans on average are 10 years older than Democrats on average. Republicans use email voting a lot more than Democrats. Republicans use overwhelming early voting. Guess what this bill affects?”

COVID in Texas

Gov. Greg Abbott has extended his ban on vaccination warrants in the same way that the increase in COVID cases across Texas is about to break previous records. Will this be paid for by Abbott or will it motivate the opposition?

“He still emphasizes personal freedom on public health and I hope many doctors and nurses throw up their hands and leave if there is no more work on public health,” Bud Kennedy predicted with the Fort Wroth Start-Telegram.

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